The following table represents a list of proposed projects for undergraduate and masters studies.
All interested students that would like to do a final project on a topic that is not listed are encouraged to directly contact the potential supervisors that offer projects on similar topics and discuss the possibility of collaboration. 
M - master studies; UG - undergraduate studies 






 1 1  Anastas Mishev  Formal methods in software testing  M

Software quality and testing

2  Anastas Mishev  Green HPC  M

High performance computing; Green computing

3  Anastas Mishev  Automated test case generation  UG Software testing
 2 1  Danco Davcev  Intelligent management of sensor data in the cloud  M

Sensor data; Intelligent algorithms for data processing

2  Danco Davcev  Multimedia content delivery according to the user profiles in distance learning systems  M/UG

Multimedia content; User profile; Distance learning; QoE; QoS; Mobile devices

3  Danco Davcev  Environmental, medical and social networks data for decision support health systems  M Health decision support systems; Environmental sensor and medical data; Social networks; Cloud processing of large data sets
 3 1  Dejan Gjorgjevikj  Co-authorship prediction based on peers similarity  M

Data mining; Pattern recognition; Machine learning; Complex networks

2  Dejan Gjorgjevikj  Static and dynamic analisys of source code  M/UG

Software engineering; Computer education; SaaS; Cloud computing

3  Dejan Gjorgjevikj  Code execution visualization and web based debugging  M/UG Software engineering; Computer education; SaaS; Cloud computing
 4 1  Dimitar Trajanov  Semantic sky  M/UG

Semantic web; Office development; Web services

2  Dimitar Trajanov  Enterprise knowledge management  M/UG

Semantics; Enterprise data; Linked data; Open data; Access control; Visualization

3  Dimitar Trajanov  Semantic HDL IP cores search engine  M/UG Hardware description language; Semantic web
 5 1  Gjorgji Madjarov Text recognition and translation by using mobile camera  UG

Pattern recognition; Machine learning; Image processing

2  Gjorgji Madjarov  Recognizing hand gestures with Microsoft's Kinekt  UG

Pattern recognition

3  Gjorgji Madjarov  Automatic tag generation and suggestion methods  M Pattern recognition
 6 1  Goce Armenski  e-Commerce through social networks  M

Internet; Web technologies; e-Business; e-Commerce; 

2  Goce Armenski  Digital content for e-Assessment  M

e-Learning; e-Assessment

3  Goce Armenski  e-Government interoperability  M e-Government; System interoperability; Cloud; Data exchange
 7 1  Igor Mishkovski  Foursquare data visualization layer  UG

Data visualization

2  Igor Mishkovski  Influence spreading, consensus and synchronization in multiplex networks  M

Network science; Dynamics in complex networks

3  Igor Mishkovski  VoD peer-assisted streaming in managed networks  M Networks; Multimedia
 8 1  Igor Trajkovski  Information extraction from the Web  M

Natural language processing; Machine learning

2  Igor Trajkovski  Text clustering  UG

Natural language processing; Machine learning

3  Igor Trajkovski  Text classification  UG Natural language processing; Machine learning
 9 1  Ivan Chorbev  Assisted living technologies  M/UG

Implementation of ICT in assisted living

2  Ivan Chorbev  Personal federated search  M

Information search and retrieval

3  Ivan Chorbev  Modules of ERP system  UG Broader area of interest that the project falls into
 10  1  Ivica Dimitrovski  Face recognition for mobile phones  UG

Image processing; Machine vision; Machine learning

2  Ivica Dimitrovski  Smartphone-based automatic licence plate recognition  UG

Image processing; Machine vision; Machine learning

3  Ivica Dimitrovski  Scalable concept image annotation  M Image processing; Machine vision; Machine learning
 11  1  Katerina Zdravkova  Amazing counting  UG

Educational software; Multimedia design

2  Katerina Zdravkova  Bilingual phraseological dictionary  M/UG

Natural language processing; Machine learning

3  Katerina Zdravkova Question answering system (QAS)  M Natural language processing; Information retrieval


Lasko Basnarkov

Neuron clusters


Computational neuroscience

2  Lasko Basnarkov  Localization in networks of mobile nodes  M/UG  Sensor networks
3  Lasko Basnarkov  Game theory on networks  M/UG  Game theory; Complex networks
 13  1  Ljupco Kocarev  Inferring network structure  M

Network science

2  Ljupco Kocarev  Inferring the dynamics of the processes that take place on networks  M

Network sicence

3  Ljupco Kocarev  Improving probability of detection of a target by data fusion from network sensors  M Network science
 14  1  Marija Mihova  Short film production  UG

Multimedia technology

2  Marija Mihova  Analyzing and modeling of dances  M

Mathematical modeling

3  Marija Mihova  Algorythms for reliability calculation for transportation systems  M Algorithms and complexity
 15  1  Marjan Gushev  Benchmarking cloud services  M

High performance computing; Cloud computing

2  Marjan Gushev  Develop interoperability cloud solutions  M

High performance computing; Cloud computing

3  Marjan Gushev  Developing e-Education SaaS solutions using interactive images  M High performance computing; Cloud computing
 16  1  Nevena Ackovska  Modeling emotions using valuable features  M

Emotional robotics

2  Nevena Ackovska  Modeling information processing in living beings  M

Biosystems; Modeling of living beings

3  Nevena Ackovska  Interfaces for target groups with special needs  UG Human-computer interaction
 17  1  Sashko Ristov  Modeling the performance of secured cloud application and data  M

Cloud computing; Security; Performance

2  Sashko Ristov  Cloud load balancer and resource broker  M

Cloud computing; Performance

3  Sashko Ristov  Cloud HPC online laboratory  M Cloud computing; Education; HPC
 18  1  Slobodan Kalajdziski  Evaluating different data mining algorithms  UG

Data mining; Databases

2  Slobodan Kalajdziski  Protein function prediction  M

Bioinformatics; Data mining

3  Slobodan Kalajdziski  Knowledge discovery in nutritional data  M Knowledge discovery in data; Nutrition
 19  1  Smile Markovski  Boolean functions  UG

Theoretical computer science; Switching theory; Cryptography; Hardware design

2  Smile Markovski  Hash functions  UG

Cryptography; Theoretical computer science; 

3  Smile Markovski  Authenticated ciphers  M Cryptography
 20  1  Smilka Janevska Sarkanjac  Behavioral attribute driven system for smart targeting  M

Internet marketing; Ad servers; Smart targeting

2  Smilka Janevska Sarkanjac  Election candidate fuzzy muti-agent recomender system  M

Recommender systems; Fuzzy logic; e-Democracy

3  Smilka Janevska Sarkanjac  Ad server platforms  UG Internet marketing
 21  1  Sonja Filiposka  3D mobility models using GIS  M/UG

Simulation and modeling

2  Sonja Filiposka  SDN implementation using NaaS  M/UG

Software defined networking; Cloud computing; 

3  Sonja Filiposka  Network modeling and performances  M/UG Networks; Simulation; Modeling; Performances; Complex networks
 22  1  Sonja Gievska  Predicting user personality based on lexical analysis of user's Facebook data  M

Intelligent systems; Social network analysis; Big data analysis

2  Sonja Gievska  Multi-agent simulation of pedestrian mobility  M

Multi-agent sustems; Simulation; Urban mobility

3  Sonja Gievska  Affective analysis of user-generated text and speech  M Affective interaction; Emotion classification
 23  1  Suzana Loshkovska  Gaze-based interaction for mobile devices  M

Human-computer interaction

2  Suzana Loshkovska  Evaluation of different visualization techniques for hierarchical data using a reference data set  M


3  Suzana Loshkovska  Simplified Chernoff faces for visualization statistical data on mobile devices  UG Visualization
 24  1  Verica Bakeva  Gambling and data compression  UG

Information theory

2  Verica Bakeva  Gaussian channel  UG

Information theory

3  Verica Bakeva  Markov chains and queuing theory  UG Information theory
 25  1  Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska  Runge-Kutta methods and their graphics presentation  UG

Numerical analysis

2  Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska  Quadrature methods based on interpolating functions  UG

Numerical analysis

3  Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska  Quasi-random sobol sequences  UG

Uniform distribution of sequences

4  Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska  Software simulations for obtaining 2- and 3-dimensional Erdosh-Turan-Koksma inequality for some tips of diaphones  M

Uniform distribution of sequences

5  Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska  About the mean-suquare error of the integration in the Korobov spaces  M

Uniform distribution of sequences

6  Vesna Dimitrievska Ristovska  About the relation between the mean-square error of the integration and some tips of diaphonies in the Korobov spaces  M Uniform distribution of sequences
 26  1  Vesna Dimitrova  Cryptographic properties of quasigroups and their practical applcations  M/UG

Quasigroups; Cryptographic properties of quasigroups; Design of some cryptographic primitives based on quasigroups

 27  1  Vladimir Trajkovik  Location based mobile services  UG

Mobile application development

2  Vladimir Trajkovik  Embedded systems optimization techniques  UG

Embedded systems design

3  Vladimir Trajkovik  Just in time learning  UG Just in time learning